Monday, August 8, 2016

Farm Day

Well, a rare occasion indeed.  Someone happened to suggest it, and the rest simply agreed since we got nothing better to do for a Sunday outing other than eat and eat.

1st stop is Farmart Centre at Sungei Tengah Road.
Monkey no durian.

After lunch and a relax scroll, we headed to the nearby Qian Hu Fish Farm, the largest ornamental fish importer and exporter in Singapore.


I am strong and mighty. Ho Ho Ho!  😁

Besides looking at the cute fishes, we also enjoyed the fish spa there.  Only $10 for half an hour, towels and slippers are provided as well.  Isn't it great ?

We made a stop at Orchidville afterwards, but may be we were late, there was nothing much to see. After much discussion, we decided to go to Bottle Tree Park (ORTO) to have an early dinner. The bird event was a surprise.

Dinner at Taste Garden.

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