Monday, August 29, 2016

My Poké Trail

Been busy at work the past whole week.  knocked off around 12am the first two nights, thus no Pokémon Go till Wednesday.

24 August (Wed - Late nite till 2am)

26 August (Fri)
A very hazy day. PSI reading is about 200.   I could smell the burning odour lingering in the air.

All letter boxes around the area are in the midst of a facelift. They actually look good in such 'unfinished' form.

Ventured to Singapore Hortpark after work till late.  Passed by this futuristic underpass on the way.  Apparently this is the tunnel that can time travel back to 10 years !!! 😅

27 August (Sat)
A satisfactory hunting trip to Vivo and Sentosa.
This the day I registered 102 Pokémon in the Pokédex.

28 August (Sun)
Venture around Boat Quay and Fort Canning Hill after my bookbinding workshop at Chinatown.
Nice decor at the Hong Lim HDB block.

Fort Canning Hill is indeed a little oasis of serenity among the bustling hub out there.

I reached level 23 already. Need 125000XP to go up another level.

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