Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunset @ Labrador Park

Despite my lazy bone and sleepy mode, I decided to go out and spend a relax evening at Labrador Park. 

It was worthwhile. Simply enjoyed  the sunset.

This remind me of a Chinese idiom 螳螂捕蝉 麻雀在后 (the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind)
which describe someone who  pursues  a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger. Haha!

Of course, I won't neglect my mission of catching more Pokémon.
Without me really counting the mileage venturing around the park then went straight to Harbourfront for dinner, I had hatched 7 eggs, either 2km or 5km type. With only 4 incubators for my perusal at that moment, it meant I had walked almost 10km.  Wow!

Starting from 8000+ XP, I earned 30000XP, making it 38000XP.  Further, I had caught enough basic Pokémon to evolve.  It was time to made use one of my accumulated lucky egg to double the experience points earned for the next 30 minutes.

By evolving 18 of them (18 x 500XP x 2 = 18000XP), plus a new Pokémon hatched just in time (500XP x 2 = 1000XP), with three new entries to my Pokédex (3 x 500XP x 2 = 3000XP), adding some catches and spins, I earned total 25,215XP within 30 minutes.  Gosh! Very lucky indeed.

Now I am at Level 21.  Need 75000XP to up a level. 😅

Here are my new Pokémon.

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