Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Escape by David Baldacci

A page-turner indeed. Finished it within 5 nights, starting pretty late till the wee hours of 4 am every single night. circled around military, spy, nuclear weaponry and cyber-security. A lot of twists and turns.

Some passages I'd like to jot down :

In fact, somethings always leads to something else.
And somethings always leads to something else.
And because something always leads to something else.
(Simple truth, and it can't slip out your mind by keep repeatedly saying it)

"O-kay," she said slowly, skepticism oozing from both syllables.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. I'm just taking a minute to pull my head out of my ass for even contemplating helping you."

"That's a lot to ask for." "Well, if you don't ask, you sure as hell won't have a chance of receiving."

"Two arms with hands attached, though two fingers on your left hand are broken, hence the splints. You have two legs with feet attached. One head with brain intact, though concussed. And a lot of superficial cuts to your scalp, arms, and legs, hence the bandages. And enough blood loss that they had to give you a replacement bag."

hunky–dory (free of trouble or problems)

Why not humpty dumpty ? 😝

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