Sunday, September 4, 2016

Punggol Punggol

Another pair of slippers left at the same spot

On our way to Punggol Waterway Park to continue our Pokémon hunt.
Despite the harshness of sunlight, the sky is in nice blue.

Punggol Safra
Most electric boxes are fully concealed,
hardly be able to see  the interior.
Found a few of these open type in the park.

Have a short break and hot honey lemon at Punggol Safra.
Afterwards we took the only bus No. 84 to Punggol End. A lot of good catch there. No wonder the place was packed with many many Pokémon trainers. Bring more businesses to the seafood restaurants and the only 7-11 there as well.

Level 24, 88050/150000XP.  Keep it up.

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