Sunday, October 9, 2016


Returned to work on Monday after my japan trip.  Once I stepped in the office and before I could even warm up my seat, two urgent jobs which involved some tedious works were passed down to me to rush them out by Friday.  Gosh! Worked almost 11 hours straight daily without stepping out for some fresh air in between.

Is this the life I wanna continue? I wonder. Let me reflect for a while.

Anyway, I do have a good rest on Saturday to recuperate.
Saw this beautiful cloudy sunset before going out for dinner.

Brought the pretty-looking deep-fried whole onion from ChickenUp last Thursday for supper, thinking that it would taste like onion rings. To my dismay, the 'meat' still pretty onion onion. As if I was eating raw onion despite it was fully cooked and crispy. In short, I no like.
On Friday night, overwhelmed with joy that I have completed the two jobs, I decided to have a little feast with my incredible. We enjoyed a big bowl of instant beef noodles with braised peanuts, sotong balls and sliced mushrooms at 12am.

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