Monday, January 9, 2017

Around Kampong Glam Precinct

Woke up to this beautiful Saturday for an outing.

Decided to go to Beach Road Army Market to buy some necessities for my boy's enlistment.

Enjoyed a stroll at the nearby Kampong Glam area afterwards.

back alley near Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque (Masjid Slutan)

There is a little children museum at the 2nd floor in this antique shop.  Admission fee is only $2. Worth to take a look.

The wall of A.R.C Coffee

Our dinner at the lavishly decorated Lubnan Lebanese restaurant along Bussorah St.
Even the table top is so decorative.

Left : Lamp shank with flavored rice  |  Right : Ayran - mixture of fruit juice with yogurt and ice 👍

After a sumptuous meal, it is recommended to have a slow walk to burn some calories.

Wardah Books is just opposite the restaurant.

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