Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Buy no more from Morelbooks

Real bad experience this round.

My first purchase years ago from this online publisher specialising in limited edition photo and art books still alright even though I had waited almost 2 months to have received the books.

For the latest purchase, the order was placed on 28 Oct 2016, did not received the books and sent email for inquiry on 22 Nov 2016, no reply, sent another email on 10 Dec 2016.  Nada. Only after I put my request through Facebook later, there was a reply from Aron saying that he would look into it.  Since then, I have sent a reminding email few days later on 13 Dec 2016, but not a single response at all to-date.

Dunno what kind of service is this. Now I am having problem to even get them to refund me €87.00.

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