Monday, January 2, 2017

During New Year

Like what my sister has said ..... it is alright to do something silly once in a while.  Our last such adventure in 2016 was to dine-in the overrated Gudetama Café @ Suntec on New Year eve.  Yes, the foods actually can make it yet nothing really fantastic. The “Shoyu Ramen” Set — chocolate and feuilletine cake topped with layers of chestnut Mont Blanc and Earl Grey jelly masquerading as a bowl of ramen  — was terrible.  Even my incredible who is not at all picky and eat anything as long as edible (his words) couldn't make himself to finish it.

Verdict: The food is not all bad, though keeping in mind that the pricing leans towards the higher end.

A lovely movable installation by LV @Takashimaya

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