Sunday, January 29, 2017

Much In Evidence by Henry Cecil

William Richmond is bald and lame. But that is not his only misfortune. On the very night he has £100,000 in his safe, his home is broken into and he is beaten up. His insurance company pays up - but they are highly suspicious. It would appear that a series of bald and lame men have been making dubious insurance claims. In this hilarious trial novel we see how amazing coincidences can really happen.

Coincidences abound in this book, until you just don't know what to believe. It is farcical and very funny, especially the two robbery cases by men posing as telephone repairmen and the ending, which are so hilarious, make me wanna scream "What a coincidence!".

This copy was 1st published by Michael Joseph Ltd, London in 1957. Bought it at $2 from Epigram Booksale.

It has been said that,
if a million monkeys who could type typed blindly for a number of million years,
eventually the works of Shakespeare would be produced.

I have found a good explanation of this infinite monkey theorem at

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