Monday, January 2, 2017

The owl always hunts at night

Upon reading the 1st book I'm Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork barely two days ago, I was in the urge to get hold of the second book in his Munch and Krüger series.

Managed to buy a copy at Kinokuniya yesterday and finished it at one go from mid-night till morning 9am without sleep.  It was so enthralling and tense that I simply could not stop halfway.

The Story
When a troubled teenage girl disappears from an orphanage and is found murdered -- naked, her body twisted into a strange position, her eyes wide open, a flower stuck in her mouth, with candles placed around her on a bed of owl feathers, veteran investigator Holger Munch and his team are called into the case. Star investigator Mia Kruger, on temporary leave while she continues to struggle with her own demons, jumps back on the team and dives headfirst into this case: just in time to decode the clues in a disturbing video of the victim supplied  by a black hacker before she was killed, being held prisoner like an animal in a cage for 3 months. It later turns out that it's not a recording but a live feed, which means it is broadcasted life on the net, which also means there are audiences watching the feed.

Pretty gruesome.

Last but not least, this is my first book in 2017.

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