Sunday, February 12, 2017


Yesterday was 元宵节 (15th of the Lunar New Year),also the day that I witnessed my boy get enlisted for NS. Of course, after having our bowl of 汤圆 (glutinous rice balls) at home.

There were total 5 waves/batches starting 10am, ours was the last wave at 12.45pm.  We waited at Pasir Ris bus interchange for the ride to Changi Ferry Terminal, then ferry to Pulau Tekong. The whole journey was pretty smooth. The sea breeze and the surrounding gave me the resort feel - I even joked with my boy that we're like going to our chalet for holiday.

A beautiful day indeed. 
The 不置可否 noncommittal look 👀

The mind is idling while waiting to abroad the ferry.

Penguin Tekong .... sending army of penguins for training ?! 😅
I like it

Reached Pulau Tekong BMTC
We toured around the facility, the dorms and some even ventured to check on the toilets😓.
Tour the museum as well.
The dormitory looks 👌👍
These the food.
Got bun, meat, vege, mashed potato, soup and fruit.
Though I do not fancy the Honeydew flavoured cold drink.
After our late lunch at around 4pm, we said our good-byes.  I sure will miss him dearly.
See you in two weeks time, son.

It often says doing NS will transform a boy to a man, that alone is reason enough for me to support NS. The training is undoubtedly tough, but he will survive.

I will be super duper happy to see him doing his own laundry in the coming future😂😂

End of day.

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