Monday, April 17, 2017

Batam Trip : Last Day

After 2 rounds of seafood dinner, I needed to have something light for the stomach.

Porridge was the best choice indeed.

Upon breakfast, a stroll was kind of mandatory especially on the last day.
Kid's outdoor pool

A small greenhouse somewhat hidden at the back of  the resort

What a discovery 😊

Very hot out there but still worth the walk.

The burnt down ruin nearby
This motorbike gang passed by with big blue flags and loud music.
Didn't know what kind of event though.
Further down the road is Harris Hotel.

According to my friends, this place near the ferry terminal used to be very happening, bustling with tourists many years ago. It is a pity that it becomes a ghost town now.

This is the only eating house that still open there.
I don't think my boy had ever played this game.

The roofs of Waterfront Ferry Terminal
On the way back home.

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