Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The below review by Zoe (whatsbetterthanbooks) pretty sum up my opinion.

"The writing is crisp. The plot is fast-paced, suspenseful and a relentless thrill ride of multiple suspects and precarious situations, as well as some intriguing glimpses into the world of street art, photography and metropolis sights and sounds. And, generally, the characterization is well done, with an assortment of characters that are troubled, intense and layered. However, I do have to admit that the poor choices and decisions occasionally made by the main character seemed a little unbelievable even given the circumstances and caused me at times to lose some sympathy and connection with her."

One-third through the book, I already guessed that the 'stalker' was her once best friend, a successful portrait photographer Erin.  The hints in-between the pages were pretty obvious.  Even her peeping tom at the opposite building ..... somehow I also suspected that he was blind and it proved me right eventually.

Nevertheless, it is well-written and I did enjoy the thrill.
What do you go to lick your wounds in a big city?
Yes, cemetery would be a fitting choice.

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