Saturday, April 29, 2017


Singapore Art Book Fair 2017
@ Block 7 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks

Wall of Women
Proletariat Poetry Factory

Dabao a pack of 海鲜腊肠扬洲炒饭 (Seafood Lup Cheong fried rice) from #Holycrapsg
Rubbish famzine no 6 - An Emojious Odyssey of the Gluttonous Omnivores 
My various purchases on the first night.  Left with a $450 burnt hole in my wallet 😂

Prints by Kaa studio from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
postcards by Yao Yu, Typesettingsg

An Anatomy of Singapore's Hawker Fare by artist Junel Fujinuki (#mypaperpigeon)

Những Nàng Công Chúa Bí Ẩn 
The Secret Princess
(Art book)

I do not understand Vietnamese.  The story is about the adventures of the princess with mystical powers to protect the Magic Kingdom from the fire dragon.

I simply love the beautiful illustrations.

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