Friday, May 5, 2017

Damn Frustrating

Seriously, I do not understand how one could manage to spoil so many things within what ...... 3 years plus.  Since she moved in to my flat in Jan 2014, I have replaced the basin tap twice (the earliest already costed me $150), the water jet spray head thrice, the hose also thrice on separate occasions  (first metal one which was spoiled barely a few month, then a rubber one thinking that it would last longer but nada, it was bloated like stuffed sausage few months later.  In the end, I bought the most expensive metal hose available at the nearly DIY shop and been monitoring how long it can last.  I am considering those heavy-duty aluminium braided hose next time. ), the shower tap once as the metal handle was broken into half, and lastly the shower head together with the hose once.  In case you wonder,  the bathroom was and still is used solely by her, I only step in to do a thorough wash and brush every weekend.  Me and my boy are using the other bathroom in the master bedroom, and nothing was spoilt thus far.

Really, WTF.  With her staying together,  I've already forced myself to be 'mentally' readied for the three confirmed visiting insects, namely ants, cockroaches and lizards. And now these.

Damn frustrating!!!!! I sure will go mad one day.

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