Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Widow

The book blurb would make you believe that you are about to read an ultimate psychological thriller about Jean, the widow of a man accused yet found not guilty in court (not in public opinion at least) of kidnapping and murdering a two years old girl who's remains have never been found.  She's spent 4 years covering for him and supporting him all the way but he's dead now and she doesn't have to do that anymore. Reporters and news agencies are desperate to score an exclusive interview with her and the police are still sniffing around. She knows what they want and will pay to get it and she's such a master of manipulation that she can make them believe anything (so she thinks).

Well, I will say it is fine, but not particularly outstanding as a thriller, especially a psychological one. It is told through the viewpoint of the few main characters - the wife/widow, the detective, the journalist, the mother of the little girl and the pedophile husband, shifting back and forth in time from the crime in 2006 through to the husband's death in 2010.

 "It's not real, Jeanie. Our experts said in court that they're women who look really young and dress up as kids for a living. Some of them are really in their thirties." 

 "But they look like children, they do it for people who want to see children and men doing those things." Jeanie Taylor accepts that her husband is just a bloke doing his nonsense.

Seriously ?! Such naïveté.

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