Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bangkok Jam @PlazaSing


Been craving for the chicken green curry for a while. 

Last night, we also had mixed grill set (chicken, squid, lobster), soft shell crabs with yellow curry, and pineapple rice.

Yum yum.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Battalion Family Day 17.11.17

Abandoned buildings along Piccadilly Road
Reaching Seletar Camp soon

Happy to try out the ration foods. Main Menu includes pasta in hoisin sauce, Hong Kong noodle,  fragrant chicken rice with mushroom, black sesame chicken with glutinous rice, cheese potato stew with chicken sausage, Thai style stir fried noodle and peanut pasta with chicken frank.  There are various desserts as well.  Who says ration food is boring.

Usual and Unusual

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As usual, I am on the way to work at this hour.

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The goatee, the pointy ears, the shiny top .....
I dunno what makes me thing of
extraterrestrial leh 😅😅😅
But a handsome one lah

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Gril Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

“First you find out the truth. then you take revenge.”

Salander Lisbeth is back.

This is my fifth book experience with her.  In this book, she has ended up in Flodberga Prison - sentenced to two months for refusing to cooperate with the police while protecting an endangered autistic boy. Salander being Salander, prison doesn't really bother her that much, but she is irate over the treatment of a beautiful Bangladeshi inmate named Faria. Faria--and soon Salander--are under threat of the prison's most evil prisoner, Benito, who frightens almost everyone - including fellow prisoners, guards, and even the warden.

In the Meanwhile, Salander's former guardian - elderly Holger Palmgren - comes into possession of confidential documents that detail cruel experiments Salander was subjected to as a child. With great difficulty, wheelchair-bound Palmgren makes his way to Flodberga Prison, and inform her about these new discoveries. Besides 'blackmailing' the warden into letting her use his computer to look into these decades-old events, Salander also asks journalist Mikael Blomkvist to gather information about a man named Leo Mannheimer.

As for Palmgren, he continues to pore over the documents, and finds the name of someone he's met - Professor Martin Steinberg. When Palmgren calls Steinberg to ask about the experiments, the professor freaks out and alerts his fellow perpetrator, Dr. Rakel Greitz, who's now an old woman suffering from cancer. Greitz isn't going to let her reputation be sullied, and will do anything to prevent this .....

By the way, this story is not all about Lisbeth Salander. Sure, it mentions her every now and then, but it's not that much about her.


After enjoying movie ABTM 4 and having a good laugh, we went for our own shopping spree at Kinokuniya then to d'Good Café for dinner at Takashimaya. Though a little bit pricey, the food did not disappoint in terms of both taste and aesthetics. The cold brew coffee were super superb. We even brought back another two bottles to enjoy later. Sooo satisfying.

Cold Brew Coffee with Hokkaido Milk, Fresh Norwegian Salmon Grenobloise,
Foie Gras & Quinoa, Pomegranate Braised Duck Pancake
Baked Escargot, Deutsch Skillet Pancake (Durian & Coconut)

Christmas is around the corner.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Extra II from Iran

A little corner of the dessert shop at Yazd
I see my initial.  Only those who personal know the old me can see, I guess.
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Extra Photos from Iran

Shahcheragh Holy Shrine, Shiraz

Golestan Palace, Tehran

Azadi, Tehran

30 Tir Street, Tehran

Persepolis, Shiraz

Amir Chakhmagh (Chaqmaq) Complex

Jamshidieh Park, Tehran