Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 11th Day Isfahan (16 Oct) - Part I

Leaving for Isfahan by VIP Bus @10:45.
There was hardly any English sign at the bus terminal of Shiraz and Yazd.  A day later I'd found out that there were indeed English signs at Kaveh Terminal, Isfahan. I dunno the rest.  So the rule of thumb is ask ask ask.  First you need to change for an official ticket, then check which platform to wait for your bus.  At the designated platform, ask the bus drivers which bus again and again.
I always believe that besides eating and 'bitching', the important function of the mouth is to ask questions.

Anyway, my ticket was reserved through a travel agency I passed by yesterday for 350000 rials.  Of course, I could buy it cheaper directly from the bus terminal, but taking into consideration of getting a taxi to and from (100000 rials one way), I rather save the time and effort to explore the city.

The drive took 4 hours and arrived Isfahan at 15:30.

Gosh! Isfahan was packed with tourists these few days.  I'd tried to make reservation with few hostels a day ago but to no avail.  Most hotels and hostels were fully booked.  With my hunch, I hired a taxi and went straight to Abbasi Hotel to try my luck.  Yes! There was one suite left at the 300 years old historical building which costed me a bomb (8900000 rials/€190/SGD304), and only one night available.  After many calls made to other hotel nearby and without success, it meant I was destined to spend a night here.  To compensate my soul and pocket, I made sure I took plenty of pictures of the hotel.

Suite No. 1211

Entrance to the suite

lobby area

Lobby area

Going to guests' breakfast area

Guests' breakfast area

Resting area at 2nd floor
The courtyard

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