Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 13th Day Kashan (18 Oct) - Part III

Remember the agreed price to hire the taxi to 1) tabatabaei house 2) Abyaneh 3) Tehran was 2,500,000 (USD62). After Abyaneh, the driver then asked s lady in Abyaneh who could speak English to tell me that he couldn't make it to Tehran and would  bring me back to Kashan to change car. I asked how about the payment, she said no problem. Alright.

So when we're back to Kashan, he passed me to another taxi driver and said that the subsequent price would be 400000 rials to continue to Tehran. I paid him (the first driver) 2000000 rial (usd50) and he left. A few minutes later the 2nd driver said that the destination was only to Azadi, 100000 rials extra to khayyam Hotel. Fine. I accepted. But still no sign of starting the vehicle. Then I found out that the 500000 rials was the price per pax if three pax sharing the car. What! It meant I've to sit down there to wait for another 2 pax. Later another driver added that the fare was 700000 rials if 2 sharing the car. Else I would have to pay 1000000 rials (USD25) if only me. This was the fuckess experience I'd with taxi drivers in Iran.

Fuck off. I was fuming and enough shit for me,  I shouted at the damn driver to unload my luggage from the car boot in the end.  I walked away and took another taxi to the railway station instead. My train ticket was only 150000 rials (USD4) to begin with.

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