Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 14th Day Tehran (19 Oct) - Part I

Salaam !!!

Masoudieh Palace
Entrance fee : 200000 rials

These students were there to trace the patterns.  Asked them what for? The answer was for their grade. Oh OK.

Saa'di .....
To what I see, the surrounding streets from Saa'di are quite happening.  One street is packed with exchange and coin dealers, one with invitation cards, one with books and Qurans, another with tyre shops, and many in-between.

Passed by this Lalehzar Street on my way for lunch and coffee fix.  The whole street is full of light shops with many extravagant designs. Blink blink blink.

Ivan Cafe, a nice place to chill.

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