Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 16th Day Tehran (21 Oct)

My last day in Iran.

Solely by change.  If not I happened to glance through the half-opened door ...... I would never know there was such an interesting exhibition.

I wanna go to Malek Cafe but wasn't open.  So Naderi here I came. As lonelyplanet puts it, the cafe selection is limited to Turkish and French coffee and a cake or two.  Don't expect much service (or change) from the grumpy waiters. Yeah! True.

Thus I headed straight to Khatoon Restaurant to have lunch afterwards.
Dizi and Chai for 330000 rials.

Went to my favourite place - MASHQ Sq, and was greeted with a lovely sunset.

My kind of selfie.

Bye bye Iran.  See you next time.

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