Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 2nd Day in Tehran (7 Oct)

MASHQ Square Complex  --  Golestan Palace  --  Grand Bazaar  --  Tabiat Bridge

On my way to MASHQ Square Complex, which was surrounded by Communications Museum, Malek National Library, National Museum of Iran, Ebrat Museum of Iran, University of Art, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Buildings.  I liked this place.  Been here three times.  No car is allowed.  Once I crossed the gate, I could leave the bustling traffic behind me and enjoyed a moment of quietness.

Portal of Bagh Meli

Malek National Library & Museum
Entrance Fee : 5000 rials
For a book lover, I was in awe to see the beautiful calligraphy collections and illuminated books, mostly Quran, in the museum.

University of Art

Coffee for 100000 rials (USD2.5)

Golestan Palace
The palace is nice. The glories and excesses of the Qajar rulers are played out across this complex of grand buildings decorated with beautifully painted tiles and set around an elegant garden that's worth visiting in its own right.  However if you want to see everything you have to pay 850 000 rials (app. USD25) which is too much for a museum in Iran. The recommendation is to visit the Main hall and Negar Khaneh (Iranian Painting Gallery).  It would cost you 300000 rials.

My kebab lunch for 100000 rials (USD2.5)

Grand Bazaar

Former US Embassy

Entrance Fee : 100000 rials

Iranian War Museum

There is a marble stair at the far end of the war museum which can climb all the way to the wooden walkway that leads to Tabiat Bridge.

Walked back to Shahid Haghani Metro Station شهید حقانی after my dinner at the ship-like food court at the other end of the bridge.

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