Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 3rd Day Tehran - Shiraz (8 Oct)

Back to MASHQ Square Complex ^^

Malek Cafe (near the square)
Even if I need to walk 15 mins under the hot sun, I couldn't resist a hot steamy cuppa.
To have an idea - cheese cake and a double shot cappuccino costs 320000 rials (USD8)
The cheese cake is superb.

Flying to Shiraz in the evening. The taxi drive from hostel to Mehdabad Airport took about 40 mins. Cost : 300000 rials (USD7.6).  Can take Metro if you wanna save money.  As for the flight ticket, I had purchased it online (  2 weeks before the trip.

The flight schedules and signs in the domestic airport are mostly in arabic.  Not much help even I asked the staff at the information counter.  Just be observant ..... I later learnt that the flight details will be displayed at the screen at one of the two gates (total 10 gates) about 20 mins before the flight departure time.

Met two new friends on the flight - Maria from Columbia, South America and Shahram, a Shiraz lawyer travelling to Tehran every weekends for his study.  What a fate.  Me and Maria ended up staying in the same hostel, thus we decided to tour Shiraz together.

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