Friday, November 3, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 4th Day Shiraz (9 Oct) - Part II

I prefer bazaars in Shiraz as compared to the grand bazaar at Tehran which you need to be in high alert of the 'Monster' carts moving around in all directions.  Very chaotic.  Whereas over here, you can walk and shop in a much relax pace, but also pretty easy to get lost as the various bazaars are somehow inter-connected with each other.

Look at the seasoning and cooking ingredients.  So colourful and interesting.
According to the locals, the rainbow colour one is made with 7 different spices for chicken.

A lovely tea house found in the maze of bazaars.     
I was having traditional iranian green tea, but the cup was traditional chinese tea cup with the four great beauties. 😅😂
Back Alley .....
Only venture there with someone, preferably a guy.  I have such a bad experience with a 20-ish young  iranian who kept following us, wanting to take selfie with me and been touching my back twice. Eventually, I get agitated and shouted at him to get away.

Umbrella Corporation is here.  Do you see it?
The whole street is packed with gold shops.

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