Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 7th Day Kerman (12 Oct)

Reached Kerman at 6am, an 8 hour bus ride from Shiraz. It was a VIP bus for 450000 rials (USD11.4) which has more comfort with wide armchair, more legroom, air-con and snacks.

Head straight to Akhavan Hotel by taxi (100000 rials).  The room was booked through Niayesh as well. A double room for USD50 per night, breakfast and dinner included.

Room 238. After breakfast, I took an hour beauty sleep.  Only after a short rejuvenation,  I could continue my exploration.

Kerman Bazaar

Bath House
Entrance Fee : 150000 rials


Women Bath House
Entrance Fee : 40000 rials

Keykhosro Restaurant

After much contemplation, I finally picked Keykhosro Restaurant from the list of recommended places to eat from Google Maps based on positive reviews.

It proved worthwhile.  The food and service were superb.

A welcome chia seed drink was provided before I looked at the menu.  I had the most satisfying Fesenjan (A classic persian chicken dish with toasted peanuts and pomegranate molasses) here.

Including a glass of traditional green tea, it costed merely 250000 rials (USD6.5).

The helpful staff also helped me to book a taxi back to the hotel after my little venture to the nearby Zartohst Museum.
Zartohst Museum
Entrance Fee : 100000 rials

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