Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 9th Day Kerman (14 Oct) - Part II

Fruits at this village store were fresh and cheap.  The drivers bought a bag full of apples and pomegranates.

My journey to Yazd started at 8:30am.  Reached the 1st stop, Raymond Cage Village at 12:30pm.

Had a little chat with the locals.  Surprisingly, he spoke very good English.

Zeinadine Caravanseray.  Entrance fee : 100000 rials, included free flow of coffee or tea.

Staying here is not cheap.  It is 56 Euro per night.

Supposed to have my last stopover at Saryazd Castle, but it was closed by the time we reached there around 5:30pm. Too bad.

Finally arrived Rose Traditional Hotel at Yazd half an hour later.  Did I mention that this onwards trip by taxi to Yazd was also arranged by Akhavan's boss at USD75.

If you think this's a rip off, don't.  The whole journey took 10 hours, we only stopped occasionally for tea alone the road.  The driver would need to drive back to Kerman for another 4 hours after dropping me off at the hotel.  It surely was exhausting.  I even gave him 500000 rials (USD12.5) as tip, though he was truly taken aback at first, and hesitated whether to accept or not.  I basically held and pushed the note into his hand.  The truth was, I'd been observing him for two days, his maneuver, the way he drove, the way he talked to his fellow drivers, and other simple acts just told me that he was indeed a very humble 'old' man making a honest living by driving a taxi.

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