Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cyanotype (4th Round)

Though been busy with household chores since Thursday, starting with clearing off a quarter of my wardrobe for charity, re-shuffling my boy's wardrobe and all his plastic containers of toys to make space for new things.

With heavy downpour the past two weeks, when the sun did show up yesterday, even I still needed to install the table and two storing units freshly delivered from Ikea, I definitely not gonna missed it.

A little underexpose this round - 8 mins. The density would be denser if it's 10-15 mins.

Toned with warm black tea.

Continued with the furniture set-up ..... the table and two BESTA units on top, all by myself.

Gosh! My body ached so much after three days of 'hard-labour'.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Interesting packaging box from Taobao
Learnt new words : verbose wordage means a lot of words.


PLUS Glossy Gold Inkjet Paper

Normal Plain A4

Clean & Clear & Rotten

Friday, December 7, 2018

Thursday Morning

Yay! Finally settled the necessary documents and fees for my boy's coming 3D animation course next year after ORD.

Feel like breaking the glass for the key. I mean literally. What a nice-looking key.

#wallarts #wallmurals #graffiti
@Outside The Substation located next to The Perakakan Museum

This humanoid traffic controller is kind of cute. Though someone says that it could feel eerie if it's late night when it's part keep moving .....

Enjoyed a drink with some finger foods before heading to work.

When two signs collide

#roadsign #signboard #alternativemeaning #Iseeitdifferently
Pick up an emergency assembly point.

Wait and Wait and Wait

On Wednesday.

At 2pm.

Almost 45 mins and still waiting.

Out of 16 counters, only 5 are open.

I just wamma replace my token.

Lucky that I can collect it on the spot 15mins later instead of waiting for it to be delivered to me wihtin three working days.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Finally received this Journal of Photography #01 from DECK last week. Lovely.

My own handmade Photobooks are also completed. Yay!

C3AFA 2018 - I Love Anisong Concert

#iloveanisong #iloveanisongconcert
Artiste : Angela, Nano, Garnidelia and May'n