Monday, January 29, 2018

Spring Cleaning

After two days of intensive labour in cleaning the whole house, spraying the rusty dustbin, re-painting patches of the ceiling and wall, and reshuffling part of my books to the new boltless shelves rack, my whole body is now arching like hell.

Art After Dark @Gillman Barracks

Above : Alone But Not Lonely by #YeoKaa
Above Right : Two Craziest Presidents by Heri Dono

What I Saw

Saw this reflection while waiting for my Matcha Latte at Spinelli
#ofobike #bikeparking #howroparkthebike
Neatness, yes!

wanna #escape but #trap again.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday Dinner

After much contemplating, we ended up with Japanese foods again. 😅

Jalan Jalan

Cavenagh Bridg

Besides beers, wine and alcohols, we are wondering if this place offer real FOOD or not?

Snow Crab & Puffer Fish Dinner

Saturday night. Once in a lifetime kind of extravagance. We enjoyed a sumptuous 2-hours dinner at Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab Restaurant @Maxwell Chambers.

Parboiled Puffer Fish Skin Sashimi

Thin Sliced and Thick Sliced Puffer Fish Sashimi

Snow Crab Sashimi

Snow Crab Tempura and Grilled Puffer Fish & Snow Crab

Puffer Fish Hot Pot

They used the tasty puffer fish hot pot soup to make the egg porridge.  Yummy!!!

Porridge and Dessert

Total cost : $386.10.