Monday, February 5, 2018

Fine-Dining @Labyrinth

If I must name an occasion, let’s put it to celebrate my boy’s 1st year anniversary of NS with fine-dining and champagnes. The foods here definitely offered memorable gastronomic experience.
Starter : Snacks From The Streets
Radish Cake, Rojak and very smooth Nasi Lemak (served like Chwee Kueh with the sambal as toppings) which were served in the Rantang (metal food carrier).

Left - Dumpling “Chicken Rice”

Left - Hokkaido Scallop “Bak Chor Mee”
The 'yellow noodles' were made with squid and saffron, 'fishball' was made of chewy Hokkaido Scallops and the 'minced pork' was made of umami anchovy powder that had a really nice crunch. Top it off with vinegar and chili for a super tasty experience 😋
Look at the plump Hokkaido scallop. Oiishi desu!!!!

Right - Tiger Prawn Pen Cai Risotto
I love this Risotto for its intense creamy umami flavour. Tiger prawn was fat and chewy, testament to the quality of the ingredients used. Also liked the addition of the fried pen Cai on the side for that added crunchiness. 😋 😋

Left - Kuruma Ebi, Bafun Uni “Prawn Noodle Soup”
Right - Ah Hua Kelong Flower Crab “Chilli Crab Ice Cream”
Deep fried soft shell crab with chilli crab ice-cream - intriguing

2-Cut Indonesian Pork “Char Siew Rice”
The dish was served before the main course.

Main Course : Black Angus Shortrib “Beef Satay”
We upgraded one to A4 grade Wagyu Striploin. Oh Gosh! The tenderness of the meat, the peanut satay sauce and the peanut-covered Mochi which represents Ketupat, just sooooo delish. 😋 😋 😋 Verdict: Both of us prefer the angus shortrib. — at Restaurant Labyrinth.

Left - Clam Leaf Snow “Ice Kacang”
Shaved ice dessert accompanied by grape foam with pomegranate seeds, dragonfruits and diced grapes - refreshing
Right - Crystal De Chine Caviar and Kaya “Kaya Butter Toast”
One of my favourite. Taste so heavenly. According to Chef Han, “The caviar replicates the flavour of salted butter whilst the kaya ice cream is made from raw gula jawa sourced from Indonesia. The toast is sourced from Sin Hon Loong Bakery in Whampoa and the dish is finished with a soya-sauce cured egg yolk sauce.”

With two glasses of champagne, total cost is $388.40. Totally worthwhile.

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