Sunday, February 11, 2018

Singapore Airshow 2018

Visiting the Singapore Airshow 2018 was part of the celebration for my boy's 1st year anniversary in NS. I still remember the last airshow that I'd attended was in year 2010.

As expected, the place was packed like sardines.  Luckily the flow was pretty smooth.  We managed to go through the security scan and board the shuttle bus within half an hour, and reached Changi Exhibition Centre by another half an hour.

At least we saw the last performance of the morning session.

As if the people are willingly queueing up to be swallowed by the SHARK😅

Lunch : Unagi bento and Katsudon with The Juicy Way's Northern Lights juices.
Afterwards we just sit down under the hot sun and waited for the afternoon airshow.

Saw this cute boy and couldn't help but kept using him as my foreground of photos.

Wow! Glad that I did capture some of the flying aircrafts with my iPhone as I couldn't see the screen due to the super glaring sun.

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