Sunday, April 1, 2018

31st March


This year Qingming Festival falls on April 5.

We chose to have our prayer on this day to avoid the crowd.

Then eat eat and eat.

Our sumptuous Korean style seafood tower lunch at Captain K. The seafood were fresh and the ginseng soup was good and rich.  Yummy!

Only later then I found out this treat was to celebrate my Chinese birthday. Thank you all so muacks !!!

Afterwards was my turn to give them a little treat @Mellower Coffee.

Our tongues look zombie-black after the Goth (charcoal) coffee. 😅

Dinner @Ramen Nagi before watching movie Ramen Teh.

I ordered the Black King bowl with a bit spiciness.. Wow! The steaming rich broth was tasteful and one of a kind.  The thick and succulent slice of pork belly was tender, juicy and very chewy.  Highly recommended.

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