Sunday, April 15, 2018


BURNING CHROME:クローム襲撃 ハードカバー 
 出版社: リブロアルテ; 第1版第1刷版 (2011/11/3)

BURNING CHROME is created using digital photography with high dynamic range imaging (HDR) technique. The photographer usually takes 7-9 images in the same scenery, then stack them into one special output by digital image editing. The technique put images wider dynamic range and most of the time, images get pictorial. You may see very strong contrast in an image and also ghostly silhouette of crowd. 
It further enhances the dynamic of the images with the use of super glossy 'mirror-like' papers.

First saw this photobook at DECK last week, wanna buy but out of stock. Searched online and found a few not-so-good-condition used copies selling at Amazon Marketplace in US from $150 onwards.  Undeterred, I refined my search and finally found out that I could buy a new copy directly from the photographer through Marketplace for $60 including shipment (Though I didn't realise the seller 保坂昇寿 is the photographer the moment I made my purchase).  So when I received the package yesterday, I was surprised to see the sender was Horihisa himself, and even more delighted to find an autographed photobook.  It is lovely.  Thank you so much.

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