Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

Found this interesting book at Times Newslink at Changi Departure Hall before my flight to Hong Kong last week. I was hesitating between a suspense thriller and this book.  Seriously, I was not so keen on self-help genre, but after a flip through, I kind of liked it thinking that it was not a bad idea to have some easy read since I was heading for a holiday.

It proves worthwhile.  The book does give you a glimpse on human nature and how to know yourself, to be happy, to be loved and lovely, to be good, and to make the World a better place.

A good piece of advice I get :
To hold your anger for a day before you think of acting of it.
Not easy to exercise that I can say, but it really worth the effort as time softens the emotion (especially after a good sleep for my case), and can prevent you from saying or doing something stupid-or, worse, destructive-that you will inevitably regret.

Say little, do much. ~ pg148

Don't do unto others what you would not want done to you. ~ pg152

We sometimes mistakenly see our careers as the "selfish" part of our lives because we earn money or make profit, while our altruistic acts-giving to charity, say, or volunteering at the soup kitchen or giving blood-that's the work we do for others. We think that's what we do that makes the world a better place.  We forget that being good in our work helps other and makes the world a better place, too. ~ pg169

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