Sunday, October 27, 2013

When you wake up ......

In The Sleeper by Emily Barr, things start to reveal after the disappearance of Lara while returning to Cornwall one night by sleeper train.

She is living a lie. She is desperately bored with her quiet life in Cornwall and her marriage to the devoted but dull Sam,  intentionally gets her godfather to set up a job opportunity which requires her to commute weekly on an overnight sleeper train to London, meets a handsome chap Guy she can't help being attracted to and starts an illicit affair. But then Guy is murdered, while Lara vanishes without a trace ......

This is a book of 4 parts.  In first two, Lara and Iris tell the story from different perspectives, part 3 is Lara's diary that unveils what she had done aeons ago in Asia - Thailand and Singapore.  Part 4 - The killer comes to light.  To my amusement, he will be caught at Singapore Airport.

I enjoyed it to the very end.

Life is about the moment when you wake up and you're able to feel the heat of the sun and you know you're in it. 


A blessing indeed!

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