Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cyanotype + Bookbinding

Yesterday (Saturday) was the second of the three workshops at DECK as part of the Steidl Exhibition in April and May.

First part in the morning was making Cyanotype prints at the Lab.
Let the chemical dry out upon applying it  on the thick 300gsm art paper.
Exposing the chemical with negative laser prints under the sun.

Can expose with other objects as well.

We were having fun playing with leaves, feathers, flowers, and many many unknown.

Basically, the longer the exposure, the darker the print effect.

This is how the exposed chemical looks like before wash.

Wash with 1) tap water, 2) water with few tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide added, then 3) tap water again.

The end result is a lovely blue image.

If you feel like toning the color to brown, can wash with tea. Yes, tea.  Simply soak a pack of tea bag in the water.  Weather to wash it before or after the hydrogen Peroxide, it depends which area you wanna tone - only highlight or with shadow as well.

It is experimental.

Preparation for our bookbinding workshop.

The Cyanotype prints we made would be used as inserts for the accordion book in the afternoon workshop.

Thanks to our instructor Ian.  He managed to bring the super-heavy book trimming plough to the workshop.

Seriously recommended for muscle-intensive workout.  Need a lot of milk power to operate it. For this case, as the table was not very sturdy, while one person slicing it, we needed three persons to press and hold the plough and table still.  Sweat 😅

A lot of gluing this time ...... so no work-in-progress pictures to show as my hands were pretty messy and sticky.

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