Thursday, June 9, 2016

God's Eye View

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the government’s mass surveillance of American citizens in 2013, this book is terrifyingly realistic.

Since smartphone is a norm to almost everyone nowsaday, it just gets easier to be traced, tracked and even spied on. With more and more online CCTVs installed in public and private areas ..... you can imagine.

There’s a scene in The God’s Eye View where a man is killed when the Internet is used to sabotage his car.

Cars are increasingly controlled by micro processors whereby the brakes, gasoline, cruise control, and indicators for the distance between your car and another vehicle, are all being built in. We even have self-parking cars and soon self-driving cars. If all this can be done, it means different critical control systems can be sabotaged or altered—brakes, gas, steering, even door locks. Basically, everything is getting connected. Car systems can now be hacked and someone other than the driver can remotely take over control. If cars can be hacked, think about  something big e.g. airplanes? Isn't it chilling when you think about it.

Ironically, one may get more privacy when is out in the open.

Like this quote :
“I have no patience for anyone who enjoys meat but moans about slaughterhouses, who wears cheap clothes but deplores sweatshops, who weeps about climate change from behind the wheel of an SUV or from the window seat of an airplane.”

Sarcastic but true.

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