Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Abu Dhabi - Day 2

26 Feb (Sunday)

Woke up pretty early at 6am.  Not the usual me of course.

Just wanna make full use of the precious time to explore a little of the place before heading to Etihad HQ to start work at 09:15.
Breakfast was at JingAsia, a restaurant at the lobby area.
Nice view from the restaurant.
Finished up my breakfast around 07:15, and ventured out.  Feeling healthy already. Nice weather, windy and cooling with 22 celcius degree.

Yes Marina Circuit

Jesus light with airplane

It started drizzling at midday though.

Knocked off at 18:00.

Met up with colleagues there for dinner at Asha's, an Indian food restaurant at Yas Mall.

The Aloo Chapati (Diced crispy potato toasted with tamarind chutney, fennel and ginger, garnished with pomegranate and spinach) was sweet and yummy. Basically, all the foods there were good.  Everyone was satisfied.

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