Friday, March 3, 2017

#Pokémon Stat

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Get another 6 more last night.

A little statistic here :
Start Date : 8/6/2016 till 3/2/2017 (Total 209 days)
Level 30
2342290 XP
Pokédex Caught : 202
Walked 535.7km (average 2.5km per day)
Captured 6989 Pokémon (average 33 per day)
Evolved 1099 Pokémon (average 5 per day)
Hatched 516 Pokémon (average 2.5 per day)
Visited 7492 Pokéstop (average 36 per day)
P/S : No gym fight for me. Simply not interested 😅

Of course, I didn't play it everyday though, and mostly after work at 9pm onwards on my way home.  Still, I will say my statistic not bad yah.

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