Sunday, February 19, 2017

Touching Up Ceilings


Touching up two toilets' ceiling was pretty tiring.  I used quite a bit of milk power to scratch clean the chipped paint with a putty knife.

Instead of just repaint directly with Ceiling White, I applied Nippon Vinilex 5170 solvent-based primer sealer twice beforehand.
1st coat of primer- wait for 20 mins to dry
2nd coat of primer - wait for 30 mins to dry thoroughly
Then 2 layers of Nippon odourless white.
Surprisingly it was easy and smooth to paint over the base primer.

Still, doing digital retouching is much easier.  No need to climb up and down the ladder, and no need to clean up the mess.

This was the third.   First on Nov 2015 whereas 2nd on April 2016.  It lasted almost a year from the 2nd round, which was a good sign, meaning the moist was now much lesser since the repair work in mid August 2015 due to leakage from upper floor.

Hopefully with such extra works, it will last even longer.

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