Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Books you can't put down

Upon reading this article today, I can't stop laughing at myself. What a blur queen I was - I had missed a plane back to Singapore from Tokyo few years ago, and nearly missed an outbound plane to Hong Kong in Jan'09. 

The first one, not because of book though, my son and I were so engrossed in admiring and selecting the Masked Rider's toys in an airport shop till I suddenly remembered we got a flight to catch ..... only then 10 minutes had passed the departure time when we reached the gate. In the end, I had to fork out an extra SGD400.00 to get another pair of tickets for next day flight, and another SGD100.00 for accommodation. Errrr ......

The second occurrence was indeed because of book. I was happily browsing through a book in Harris when I heard the last call for my flight. Oh No! Not again. Panicky, together with my son (I felt sorry for him), we quickly ran to the gate in full force, and managed to board the plane in time. This round, we were barely 10 minutes prior to the departure time. Phew!

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