Monday, May 4, 2009

Light & Shadow

I've recently came across these nice Greenpeace ads at adsoftheworld. The advertising agency is TBWA/Vietnam. The concept looks familiar, I've a strong impression that I had saw something mighty similar a while ago but dunno where.  After much "googling", I finally found Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita's works.

She is good at placing objects (eg. wood blocks) of various sizes and widths on the wall,  lit them from an angle, and casts a silhouette of a man or woman.  Some eye-catching installations are achieved by a mere thin metal object with her clever use of light and shadow.

Greenpeace Ads

For the ads, the execution is nice, but you can still see the telltale sign of "mistakes" in digital retouching :
  • around the head and feet's areas of 1st ad "greenpeaceremotes", the angles of shadow on both ends don't look right (very forced)
  • the casted hand of 2nd ad "greenpeacejunkmail" doesn't look that natural either 
  • 3rd ad "greenpeacebulbs" is my favourite.  My only comment is to add another 1 or 2 bulbs for the shadow of his left foot.

Kumi Yamashita's works

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