Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exhibition : Wunderkammer: or, Cabinet of Curiosities

Boys and girls, there will be a 3-weeks exhibition commencing on this coming Saturday (27.06.2009) at Polymath & Crust, 86 Club Street.

"Wunderkammer: or, Cabinet of Curiosities" is the bookstore's debut exhibition featuring preservations of curious specimens from nature and how they relate to the grotesque by way of human interpretation.  Inspired by the scientific revolution of the Renaissance where perspectives were re-examined through dissections and observations of the natural world, the show intermingles science and art by re-examining our consciousness of nature, the exotic and the grotesque.

Sounds interesting O.R.E.D.  So, see you there.

Only recently I've found out that they are on flickr too.  You can view a number of nice vintage goodies and tchotchkes that are available at their stores.

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