Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Iran Trip 2017 : 13th Day Kashan (18 Oct) - Part II

Last minutes I decided to hire a taxi to 1) Tabatabaei House 2) Abyaneh 3) Tehran. Even though I had bought the train ticket, but since I was getting out of the city to Abyaneh, it looked more feasible to go all the way given the fact that the drive from Kashan to Tehran takes only 2 hours by car.  The agreed price was 2500000 rials (USD62). So the journey began.

Tabatabaei House
Entrance fee : 150000 rials
This 5000 sq meters house, with 4 courtyards, is a historic house built in the early 1880s in Kashan. Wow!
Made me wonder why they built such a steep stairway.  Hard to climb up and down.
A result from peeping through the window .....

One and a half hour later .....
Entrance Fee : 100000 rials

The ancient village is situated on the north-western slope of Mount Parkas between Kashan and Isfahan.  Due to its swindling population, most of the 300 inhabitants are old as the young left for better opportunities in big cities.
If not too last minutes kind of thing, I would prefer to join a proper day tour with a guide which I could have ample time to explore this picturesque village and walk to the fort to have a panorama view of the village. Could even spend a night at one of the two hotels down there. Next time yah, winter will be nice.

A late lunch at the nearly Domiloon Restaurant & Watermill.

The most satisfying Dizi I had thus far.

Dizi, aka Abgoosht, is an Iranian stew. Described as a "hearty mutton Persian soup thickened with chickpeas".

Including a glass of tea, the cost was USD7.

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